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User Innovation
User-Centred innovation

Understanding the right balance for user's functional  and aesthetic needs in your product and brand strategy, with the technical knowledge to make it a reality.

Collaborative workshops
Idea generation & mapping
Product pipeline strategy
Intellectual property landscaping

Design Guidelines

Brand Design Guidelines

We help translate your brand essence into design guidelines for all customer touchpoints.

Brand positioning & identity
Brand guidelines
Brand expressions
Design executions

Colour material finish design

Understanding the appropriate balance of technical, performance, contextual and aesthetic qualities needed for your brand and user experience with a high level of knowledge in materials, processes and finishes.

Colour palettes
Tactile & sensorial signatures
Trend, cultural & brand overlays

Prduct Concept Expresson

Concept Expression

Bringing innovation to life to help you evolve the winning ideas.

Journey mapping
Concept sketching
Renderings, 3D visuals & animations 
Sensorial guidelines

Concept sketching
Design Development
Design Development

Design Development

Creating brand design signatures 
Design prototyping & testing

Design modelling

3D & 2D design CAD 

Explainer animations 

Marketing renders

User Interaction

User Interaction

Designing to enable the user to sympathetically and intuitively interact with complex tools and experiences.

App design layout
Graphic creation
Product interfaces
User journey

App Design
Action Sports product design

User Experience

Integrating an emotional connection to all the functional and ergonomic interplays in products and packaging.

Functional experiences & engagements
User journey

Product use & operation
Tactile & sensorial touchpoints

User Experiance


The ability to make beautifully engineered design ready for small volume or mass manufacture.

Mechanical design development
Design for manufacture
Precision prototyping
Regulatory support
Engineering innovation
Multi-discipline collaboration
Design Evaluation


Packaging & Acceseories
Packaging Design

Extending the brand experience into various user touchpoints to create consistent emotional connections.

Packaging & Accessories

Structural concept & design 

Graphic layout

Graphic expressions

High-end luxury design

Artworking & sampling

Packaging engineering

Production liaison

Visual Merchandising

Designing in-store and exhibition spaces to elevate brand presentation.

Visual merchandising strategy 

Mapping & designing

CAD development 

Prototyping & specifications

In-store concept building

Production liaison

Visual Merchandising Design
Manufacturing Support

Design for manufacture

Production databases

Supplier liaison

Regulatory support​

Tooling sample reviews

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